Rhino CD Natasha Saenko, in collaboration with Believe Media via Element 79, led the studio's design/animation team on a beautiful spot promoting Amway Global's extensive line of products. Farm follows an iridescent butterfly as it flutters across a pastoral landscape of farms and fields and into tidy homes, alighting on an array of clean sprays, detergents, skin care products and supplements along the way. The CG butterfly interacts flawlessly with its environment, creating a world that beautifully showcases Amway Global's wares.

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Client: Amway Global Spot Title: Farm Air Date: May 2010 Agency: Element 79 CCO: Dennis Ryan Art Director: Dave Straus Copywriter: Justin Frosolone EP: Cheryl Lindquist Prod Company: Believe Media Director: Jeffrey Darling EP(s): Liz Silver, Luke Thornton, Mike Brady Producer: Kendall Henry Head of Production: Vitaly Koshman Post/Effects: Rhino Creative Director : Natasha Saenko VFX Supervisor (on set): Chris Fung CG Supervisor: Yuval Levy COO/Executive Producer: Camille Geier Producer: Linda Gallagher Production Coordinator: Jacqueline Pirolo Lead Flame Artist: Micky Gorenstein CG Modeler: Brian DiNoto CG Animator(s): Sean Curran, Goran Ognjanovic CG Lighter(s): Aldrich Torres, Chimin Yang, Jimmy San CG Texture(s): Gilad Kenan Editorial: Optimus Editor: Randy Palmer EP: Gretchen Praeger Producer: Brian Hrastar

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