Tool of North America Director Erich Joiner's comedic storytelling sensibilities are on tap for Bud Light in the latest viral video from DDB. Clothing Drive is the hilarious sequel to the Emmy award winning Swear Jar, one of the most popular web films of 2008.

Clothing Drive reunites the entire Swear Jar team including the agency creative team and cast, only this time an office employee is collecting clothes for a homeless shelter. When word spreads that the prize for donating an article of clothing is a tall cold Bud Light, it's not long before the staff is shedding their inhibitions as well as their office attire. The result is an opus of uproariously awkward moments that make this clever sequel every bit as memorable as its predecessor.

Agency: DDB Art Director/Associate CD: Galen Graham Art Director: Jamie Overcamp Copywriter/Associate Creative Director: Jason Karley Copywriter: John Hart Group CD: Mark Gross VP Creative Director(s): Chris Roe, Chuck Rachford Producer: Scott Kemper Prod Company: Tool of North America Director: Erich Joiner EP(s): Brian Latt, Jennifer Siegel EP Digital: Dustin Callif Line Producer: Joby Ochsner DP: Mark Plummer Production Designer: Samantha Gore Editorial: Whitehouse Chicago Editor: Matthew Wood Producer: Kristin Branstetter Online Company: Filmworkers Artist: Rob Churchill Sound Design: Another Country Sound Designer: John Binder Shoot Location: Los Angeles

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    This is the same exact joke as "Swear jar"

    Jan 29, 2010

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