This ad aired in "bookends" around other ads in the cinema. The computer text explains that they are performing a test, and will show ads that the audience wants to see, judged on the audience's response. If you applaud, that's positive response, if you boo, that registers as a negative response. Then the computer says they have enough data to show an ad "completely according to audience taste" and show hula hooping women in bathing suits. The audience did boo at this, and so the computer interrupts that ad very quickly and says that was just to demonstrate how quickly they react. Now they said, they will show the ad the audience wants. So we see two fish in an aquarium. After a moment, one of the fish complains this is the most boring ad he's ever been in, what on earth is it for. The other fish replies "Our beer". Fish one asks: "Our beer?" and suddenly a case of Carlsberg is slammed into the aquarium. The super then shows their tagline: "Our beer."

This ad won the Creative Circle "Guldkorn" in 1992.


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