Coca-Cola / Coke - Pour (2005) 0:30 (USA)


Coca-Cola / Coke - Pour (2005) 0:30 (USA)

Looks like somebody saw Carlton Draught´s Big Ad.

Agency: MacLaren McCann, Toronto
Location: Prague´s Orloi Square
Director: Steve Chase, Partners Film Company, Toronto



Hack, you are a pathetic hack. You're vanilla ice in clownshoes. Milli Vanilli. You dirty canuck, I hope biker gangs take over the wasteland that is your country. I hope Montreal succeeds from your pathetic existence. I feel bad for the people acting in your commercial. They probably aren't even aware of your hackery.

Not funny or even fun, how sad.

Wow. are indeed an angry midget. please show us YOUR work, i'm sure it's brilliant. But then again, you're probably smart enough not to live in a glass house. Aren't you? You did understand that didn't you?

this was done before the Carlton Ad

Was it?

Either way, they are both homages to British Airways.

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