Ever sat through a bad first date? Butter Composer Andrew Sherman takes a humorous spin on the awkward first encounter in a spot promoting Dairy Queen's value-friendly Sweet Apple Barbeque Grill Burger. As the uncomfortable couple squirms in their seats, bubbles pop onto the screen with a spiffed-up studio version of each character singing an ode to the delicious food and wishing that they shared more in common than a love of DQ.

Client: Dairy Queen
Spot Title: DQemistry
Air Date: June 2012

Agency: Grey
Agency Music Producer: Zach Pollakoff
CD: Ari Halper & Stephen Krauss
Copywriter: Steven Fogel
Art Director: Doug Fallon

Director: Tom Kuntz
Editor: Andrea MacArthur

Butter Composer: Andrew Sherman
Butter Producer: Ian Jeffreys

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