Dewars Highlander Honey is a new product that celebrates the bees that make the honey that go into the whisky. To honor the bees, Sid Lee created 3-Bprinting project. Basically, they took 80,000 bees and created a blue print that mimics their natural environment to make this artfully designed spot.

Which is great, unless you consider the fact honey bees have been disappearing all over the world at alarming rates.

I guess we can always toast their disappearance?

Advertising Agency: Sid Lee NY Executive Producer/Partner: Claudia Roy Lead Producer: Rob Marmor Creative Director: Daniel Chandler Art Director: Blaise Cepis Copywriter: Laura Perlongo Account Supervisor: Karim Tubbeh Production Company: The Ebeling Group Executive Producer: Mick Ebeling Producers: Amber Ventris and Martha Smith Creative Director: Jared Eberhardt DP: Larkin Seiple BTS DP: Aaron Farley Editor: Yuhei Ogawa Editor: Michael Porter

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