Gatorade G Series - Own the First Move - (2012) :30 (USA)


Gatorade G Series - Own the First Move - (2012) :30 (USA)

It looks like starburst in Gatorade wrappers and are probably just as useless but hey, anything is better than downing a frickin' fivethousand-calorie Mocha Coconut Frappuccino with whip cream, or snorting ten kinds of double carb-carb extra fatty saturated trans fat foods. Right? Right! Sheesh, and you kids thinks ads don't teach you nothing. Consider yourselves edumucated.

Ad agency; TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles
Art Director: Paulo Cezar Cruz
Copywriter: Evan Brown



Points for perverted name "sticky bun" brand cinnamon bun.

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