First Quarter

Featuring Nikki Cappelli as the "Go Daddy Girl" almost dropping her top, and thereby upsetting the committee - a word that has a lot of double letters which I find somehow relevant here.

Ad agency: AdStore, NY
Agency Producer: Scott J. Weitz from Driver Media
Creative Director: Paul Cappelli
Copywriter: Paul Cappelli, Aaron P. Brown
Director: Bryan Buckley
Production Company: HUNGRY MAN
Production Company Executive Producer: Stephen Orent/Nydan Duffy, LA
Production Company Line Producer: Francis Weiner
DP: Adam Beckman
Editor: Colby Parker, Jr.
Assistant Editor: Ayelet Leibovitch
Producer: Corina Dennison
Editing Company: The Whitehouse
Music and Sound Design Company: Soundlounge
Engineer: Tom Jucarone

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Comments (7)

  • deeped's picture

    A little less ass but the difference is rather small between the rejected and the final... strange...

    Feb 07, 2005
  • James_Trickery's picture

    Not that strange... It's all part of this cheap intarweb hype we can get by blogging these days, haven't you heard? Even McD is doing it. *yawn* FRankly, I find bullshit hype-stories insulting but people fall for it all the time.

    Feb 07, 2005
  • deeped's picture

    Better fall for bs-stories than not fall at all (old jungle saying) ;)

    Feb 07, 2005
  • Dabitch's picture

    The only funny thing about this ad is the girls name: Miss Capelli. The AD Store CEO is Paul Capelli.

    Feb 07, 2005
  • Neo's picture

    This could have been so much funnier. Can't put my finger on why but it flops.

    Feb 13, 2005
  • Mets82's picture

    That is Candice Michelle who plays the girl. She is now a WWE wrestler.

    Feb 04, 2008

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