Huggies - Geyser - (2008) :30 (USA)


Huggies - Geyser - (2008) :30 (USA)

Agency : JWT New York

That baby is ah-doh-rable, despite the fluid-pressure.

Walt Connelly (Executive Creative Director)
Richie Glickman (Creative Director)
Vikas Bhalla (Art Director)
Tom Sebanc (Copywriter)
Director: Ty Montague
Prod. Co.: Hungry Man
Director of Integrated Productions: Clair Grup
Business Director: Karyn Rockwell
Account Manager: Marci Axelrad
Assistant Editor: Joshus Berger
Editing House: Cosmo Street
Sound Design: Sound Lounge
Audio Engineer/Sound Designer: Philip Loeb



dabitch's picture

This cracks me up.

This cracks me up.

alex's picture

That happened to me once.

That happened to me once. Except the baby didn't miss.

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Hilarious but gross

Hilarious but gross

Neo's picture

How did I miss this one? A

How did I miss this one? A refreshing departure from the usual crud where mom speaks of babies need for soaking up wetness.

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