"By 2020 1 and 2 of us will get Cancer. So volunteer and donate to the Irish Society and help us get cancer." I know what they're trying to do here. By using the double meaning of "get cancer," it starts as a jarring, edgy misdirect until you realize the true meaning of the phrase. The acting here is great, as is the message. Cancer effects more than just the dead; it effects the living too, and makes people mad and determined to do something about it.
Still it's really weird to me when people personify cancer. Like I've never heard anyone say "I want to grab diabetes by the throat and wring its neck," or "Screw you, M.S.!" "Just wait till I get my hands on you, Lupus!" Maybe it's just me. My mom had cancer twice and it ended her life. Never once did I shake my fist at the disease called cancer as if it were a real bully. Regardless hopefully it will inspire some people in Ireland to go out there and volunteer and donate. At the end of the day that's all that matters. Spend time with people who have cancer to make their lives better, and donate so there's enough money for research. The heroes who beat this awful disease will be wearing white lab coats anyway.

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