One of the most tired high tech ideas is the do "the future of" or "The future is here", it's right up there with our old adland joke "for all your roast beef needs", as we've seen robot future ideas since long before 1984. Setting that aside, the direction and interpretation of this idea is quite fun.

An intergalactic cocktail party, where high-functioning robots are mingling with humans. They do human-like things, like forget the name of the husband, dance poorly, get bored, and laugh at the wrong time when people tell stories. DDB Chicago looked to PULL composer Mitch Davis for music that the futuristic guests might be listening to: “What made this project interesting was that it had to move back and forth between score and environmental music,” says Davis. “For example, a partygoer is dancing and the music had to morph into something reflecting her dance moves, but still keep on working as score from there. The dance music had to come in and drop out in equally organically fashion.”

Our poor robot outsiders then find their way to the bathroom, where they quickly bond with the futuristic Kohler toilet, even taking selfies with it. Fun new twist on stand-by idea, and nicely done CGI.

Client: Kohler Co. Project: “Never Too Next” (60s/30s/15s) Agency: DDB Chicago CCO: John Maxham ECD: Jean Batthany GCD: Nathan Monteith CD Art: Kurt Riemersma CD Copy: Matt Ben Zeev Chief Production Officer: Diane Jackson Executive Producer: Debora den Iseger Executive Art Producer: Suzanne Koller Senior Business Director: Jenn Nolden Account executive: Kate Karens Account Manager: Kirby Summers Production Manager: Scott Terry Production Company: MJZ President: David Zander Senior Executive Producer: Eriks Krumins Director: Dante Ariola Line Producer: Natalie Hill DP: Phillipe Le Sourd Production Designer: Christopher Glass Music House: PULL, New York Composer: Mitch Davis Executive Producer: Scott Brittingham Editorial: No6TV Editor: Amanda Perry Assistant editor: Danny Fogarty Senior Producer: Kendra Desai VFX: Jamm Visual VFX Supervisor/Lead CG Lighter: Andy Boyd VFX Supervisor/Lead Compositor: Jake Montgomery Lead CG FX Artist: Zachary DiMaria Flame Artist: Pat Munoz Flame Artist: David Hernandez Nuke Artist: Kenneth Brown CG Artist: Nha Ca Chau CG Artist: Huisoo Lee CG Modeling: Aaron Hamman CG Modeling: Joel Durham Executive Producer: Asher Edwards Producer: Ashley Greyson Color: Company 3 Colorist: Stefan Sonnenfeld Executive Producer: Rhubie Jovanov Audio Post: The Studio, Chicago Sound engineer: Nicholas Papaleo Sound assistant: Bobby Lord Audio Post Producer: Stacey Simcik