Even if you don't speak Portuguese, you'll understand this idea.

Lá Tinha is a project that teaches children and teenagers from Portugal how to transform reused sardine tins and some other recyclable items into handcrafted pinhole film cameras. The idea was not only to encourage their creativity, manual skills, and self-esteem, but also to get them to see the potential of items that would normally be discarded.

By the end of the project the kids realized that not every camera is digital. And they can capture the world around them in a unique way they can call their own. Somewhat ironically, after learning the beauty of DIY analog projects, the kids then uploaded their photos to the Projeto Latinha website. The results are pretty cool.

Creatives: Bob Ferraz, Diego Bastos Cunha Producers: Marina Athayde, José Maria, Bel Lyra, Hagna Dutra, Constança Real Programmer: Moisés Ribeiro Music: "The world is changing", Fela Kuti

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