The Lamborghini tears through the desert, dodging black pillars that look a lot like the Tomorrow Awards award. It speeds toward a darkening sky, what is that. Hell? Evil? The to Eye of Sauron‎? Who cares, the Lamborghini doesn't, it just revs up the engine once more and shoots straight through it parting the dark skies with its super-power: awesomeness.

Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Brand Marketing Manager: Douwe Hilarius Creative Agency: Philipp und Keuntje GmbH Creative-Direction: Diether Kerner, Sönke Schmidt Art-Direction: Rouven Steiman Text: Sandra Eichner, Adrienne Tonner Agentur-Producer: Felicitas Stahnke Kundenberatung: Steffen Schwab Production: Sehsucht GmbH Hamburg, Germany Service Production: Slim Pictures L.A, USA Director: Ole Peters DOP: Jordan Valenti Aerial DOP: Kurt Soderling Pilot: Lance Strumpf Precision Car Driver: Rich Rutherford Set Supervisor: Timo von Wittken Concept Design: Anja von Harsdorf Art Department Post: Anja von Harsdorf, Axel Brötje, Niklas Ohlson Head Of 3D: Timo von Wittken 3D Artists: Maurice Panisch, Peter Balicki, Hannes Geiger, Felix Geremus, Vitaly Grossmann, Christian Keller, Stefan Galleithner, Christian Schnellhammer Head of Compositing: Florian Zachau 2D Artists/Compositing: Yacoob Essack, Markus Gratl Mattepainting Artist: Marco Iozzi Technical Director: Martin Chatterjee Editor: Stephan Wever Executive Producer: Martin Woelke Producer: Andreas Coutsoumbelis, Jan Tiller Music: DamienDamien Sound Design: Supreme Music

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