This Super Bowl spot from Lexus tells us "Machines don't have emotions. But the rare few can inspire them." Kind of like this spot looks inspired by Apple's, Stroll which also includes some impossible dances from Lil Buck. In this case though, Lil Buck doesn't do impossible dances on the street but instead does impossible dances around a car, to Sia's "Move your body."
Actually, now that I think about it, we've seen people dancing around cars before, too. Like this self-congratulatory Toyota Corolla spot. At least Lexus keeps its focus squarely on the new and now. Minnie Driver is the celebrity voice over who debuts the new tagline for Lexus: Experience Amazing.
The question one must ask is, how amazing is this spot? If Apple and Lexus both had a spot with Lil Buck, there's a reason. And no it isn't because someone from Media Arts Lab went to work at Team one or vice versa. No, the reason is advertising has largely become stale. And the reason for that staleness is because there is a complete lack of diversity within the industry. And I do not only mean cultural diversity. Everywhere I've ever worked (eight agencies now) has looked like a Benetton ad when it came to nationality and race. But diversity in looks doesn't necessarily equal diversity of thinking especially if you hire people who think exactly the same way. Dabitch summed it up last month in her piece called Dare to be different when you hire people in advertising. So did Jason Fox.
If you want to see something different, hire different people. Especially if you're going to ask them to work on the Super Bowl.

Client: Lexus Agency: Team One Chief Creative Officer: Chris Graves Executive Creative Director: Tim Wettstein Creative Director: Kathryn Nyquist Associate Creative Director: Ryan DiDonato Account Director: Amy Oars Management Supervisor: Jay Thongnop Account Executive: Kellen Laker Senior Producer: Leah Bohl Director of Project Management: Sylvia Gutierrez Program Manager: Jamie Lau Business Affairs: Janet Anderson Production: Serial Pictures Director: Jonas Åkerlund Post Production: Chimney Pot Stylist: B Åkerlund Talent: Lil’ Buck Song: Sia “Move Your Body”