.... and Marshall Faux might come to your house, no he won't

It started with Madden NFL 09, shot in the Fall of '08. Nick andSteve, played by Joe Hartzler and Chris Marrs, wanted a leg up on each other at the new game. So, they each secretly bought the game at Walmart as early as gamers could in order to practice. And the smack talk ensued.

It started as just a 30-second spot, but quickly expanded to long-form, where it played in the Rose Bowl for Maddenpalooza, the launch event for the game.

The spots worked so well that other game companies wanted creative with the same characters — the premise always about getting the game faster and each guy trying to get an advantage over the other, aided by Walmart.

This duo has crashed cars into garages, been pulled over by the cops, snuck into each other's houses (or tried to and failed via zip line.) Steve parked an RV in a Walmart parking lot so he could begin playing faster, so to top him, Nick flew to NY to take advantage of the game release in an earlier time zone.

Smack talk even became interactive on youtube, allowing viewers to choose their own endings to the videos by determining which insult one character would deliver to the other.

Altogether, the spots have surpassed 2.5 million views through youtube: http://www.youtube.com/playfaster


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