The Happy Meal is so old fashioned, it needs a boost. Enter the happy table!

Proving that DDB knows a) that kids can make any mundane piece of furniture be a castle in their heads and b) that modern phones & handhelds can be amazing toys, they made a driving game out of their McDonald's tables.

It's simple, there's no app to download, no QR code to photograph and no tiny easily ripped paper-car to pop out of your Happy Meal box - though that idea is still classic. Just lets your kid grab your expensive smart phone with their fry-oil-slippery fingers, and have them run around the table making vroom vroom noises instead of finishing their meal. Exactly the stuff (some) parents try and teach their kids not to do. I predict lots of teenagers playing this game at McD's and thousands of stolen, lost and damaged NFC tags in McDonald's Singapore, as the play room becomes super-popular again because mom doesn't tell you to stop head diving into the balls, but she does tell you to stop getting french-fry-stains all over her phone.

Client: McDonald's Ad agency: DDB Group Singapore