McDonald's - I'm Lovin' It - US Version (Justin Timberlake) (2003) - 0:60


McDonald's - I'm Lovin' It - US Version (Justin Timberlake) (2003) - 0:60

I dunno about you, but I'm hatin' it. No transvesties in this version, but punk dads and their punk kids.



Just goes to show how conservative some in our country can be... and that McDonalds was probably afraid of a backlash...

They're gonna get one.. an anti-justin-can't-rap backlash. *laff* I really prefer the asian/scandinavian one also for the music. And really, we're only talking one transvestite entertainer - not a gay kiss. There's plenty of mainstream t-entertainers, RuPaul and Dame Edna etc. Sheesh. Oh, anyone out there able to figure out what the girl who gets locked out throws on the ground? That shot really puzzles me.

The soft rap makes me sick to my stomach. And that's the same reaction I get when I eat a Big Mac.

Okay, so this is actually a commercial that's playin' on US stations??? i thought this was just a lile pep-rally like thing for McDonalds workers.
I work at McDonalds in Canada, the first built I think. And this stupid pep rally thing was at the Plaza of nations. I thought it was going to be inside, but it was not. And I was stuck in the rather cold and breezy outdoors for around 2hrs. They kept making us say "I'm loving it!" but i just thought, hey, I'd be loving it if i was inside!!! BITCHES!... =)

I'm lovin' it!

Your comment that is. *hahahaha*

and yeah... justin rapping is just kinda... well not kinda, but VERY wrong...

Is there anyway to make the clip not play as you click a button/click the reply or back button???
it's getting a little annoying.

We used to have it on "autoplay=false" but I got so many emails a day from people who wondered "why doesn't the movie play!?"..... (seriously. Yep.) anyway, hence the "autoplay=true".

I'll think of something and see if I can't sort eleventhousand ads out to not autoplay.

there ya go. Fixed it so it doesn't autoplay. :) Don't say I never gave you nuthing.. hahaha!
(I agree, this is better)

I'm trying to save this on my hard drive to use for a class but I can't play it back. Can anyone help?

im tryin to do the same thing...did you ever figure it out?

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