Company Name: NEOGAMA/BBH Country: BRAZIL Title of Ad: MIRROR Advertiser/Client: MIX BRASIL Product or Service: INSTITUTIONAL Length in seconds: 45 Creative Director: Márcio Ribas/Wilson Mateos Copywriter: Isabella Paulelli Art Director: Felipe Massis Agency Producer: Xanna D'aguiar Account Supervisor: Sandra Karila Advertiser's Supervisor: André Fischer Producer: Bossa Nova Filmes Director: Thelma Vilas Boas D.O.P/Lighting/Cameraman: Thelma Vilas Boas Editor: Selma Peres Music: Artist/Title: Adriano Cintra and Lovefoxxx/Knees Sound Design/Arrangement: Coletiva Produtora Post Production: Bossa Nova Filmes

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