I was going to snark about how dumb and silly this use a condom campaign is, but then i remembered this is MTV. They obviously know their demographic.

Client: MTV
Advertising Agency – Loducca
Creative Director - Guga Ketzer/Cássio Moron/Fábio Saboya/Sérgio Mugnaini
Copywriter - Thiago Bocatto
Art Director - Maria Eduarda Di Pietro
Agency Producer - Ana Luisa Andre/Claudia Stancev
Account Supervisor - Fernão Cosi/Fabiane Veiga
Advertiser's Supervisor - Wagner Gorab/ Ana Penteado/ Eduardo Zanelli
Account Manager - Flávia Godoy
Planner - Ken Fujioka/Daniel De Tomazo
Producer - Larissa Luisi
Director - Del
D.O.P - Rafael Levy
Editing Company - Conspiração Digital
Post Production - Ricardo Souza
Other Credits Cristina Lopes (Executive Director)


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