Overheard in a creative meeting.

PitchPerson: So, this lonely polar bear on melting ice caps, seeing his arctic home melting away, seeks out the person who is doing something about it to thank him. It's a long epic journey, it's emotional, the music will tug your heartstrings, and when he finds a Nissan LEAF™ owner, he stands up - audience gasps for a second - and then he gives him a right big hug. So. What do you think?

Devilsadvocate: So, the polar ice is melting.. because of cars like the other 99% of machines produced by Nissan....

PitchPerson: Concentrate.

Devilsadvocate: ...and the bear gives him a hug? As in a bear hug? A hostile takeover, a wrestling hold ... You know bear hugs aren't a positive thing. Quite the opposite.

PitchPerson: Just shut up and run it.

ad agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day Los Angeles

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