The majority of children children spend an hour or less outside per day. Prisoners, on the other hand, spend two hours a day outside. That's the fantastic insight of this spot. To prisoners, fresh air and sunshine is everything and when they interview a prisoner who says his wish is that he could go outside with his kids and play it's just heartbreaking. So what if your clothes get dirty. There's Persil.

Still, I can't help but think there's a hell of a big difference between prisoners not being allowed to go outside because, say they were sentences to twenty years for first degree murder, and kids not going outside because they are lazy and want play Minecraft and eat junk food. And let's be honest, if we're talking the western world here, that's the larger issue.

But wow, what an insight, I won't take that away from them. I could also see this campaign having a solid extension as a prisoner rehabilitation program (for those who are in for, shall we say, light offenses) who teach kids of the importance of fresh air and exercise. Sort of a Scared Straight for playground set. "Don't be like me! I can't get on the monkey bars whenever I want to. I gotta stay in this box 22 hours a day."

Find out more about this awesome campaign by going to Dirt is good.

Client Name: Unilever – Persil/OMO Campaign Name: Free The Kids Agency: MullenLowe London Chief Creative Officer: Dave Henderson ECD: Richard Denney Global Creative Director: Alex Okada Creative Team: Alex Okada, Bruno Ribeiro, Luiz Filipin, Juan Chrismann, Jack Patrick Planner: Ayesha Walalwalkar, Emma Batho, Account Team: Mark Preston, Rachel Vernon, Phoebe Robertson Agency Executive Producer: Mays Al-Ali Production Company: RSA Director: Toby Dye Producer: Ben Porter Research Producer: Denise Castelli Editing House: c/o RSA Editor: Julian Equiguren Telecine: Moving Picture Company Colourist: James Tillett VFX/Post Production: Big Buoy Head of Post Production: Barny Wright Audio Post Production: Grand Central Recording Studios Audio Engineer: Ben Leeves Music Production: Toby Slade Baker at Studio32 Music Composer: Rupert Pope

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  • David Felton's picture
    David Felton

    My partner and I really love this bold approach. But we're confused as to why they chose to film it in an American rather than a UK prison? Would a native prison been too close for comfort, and more directly raised some of the issues you mention above? I suspect so. But great job, very evocative, almost uncomfortable to watch.

    Mar 22, 2016
  • Dabitch's picture

    I've always loved the Persil tag "dirt is good", but man this depressed me. Mind blowing.

    Mar 22, 2016

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