To celebrate Pinterest's new messaging format, this anthemic round-the-world spot shows off the benefits of sharing ideas as opposed to just pinning stuff. The spot was created by Strike Anywhere, and Pinterest's in-house team. We see three different stories taking place. A couple makes dinner, some adventure types try out a hand-built canoe, and some movie makers search for inspiration to make a spaceship for their sci-fi movie. At least i think that's what the last story is about. Oh, did I mention the incredibly twee anthemic music by Kishi Bashi? Listener beware--it has potential earworm capabilities.
It really is a nice piece of film, and greater than the selling point of the spot, which is Pinterest now has messages.

Client: Pinterest Production Company: Strike Anywhere Director: Strike Anywhere Line Producer: Laura Smith Director of Photography: Michael Gioulakis Director of Photography Japan: Jay Keitel Editor: Josh Rosenfield Editor: Matt Sklar Colorist: Ayumi Ashley Sound Design & Mix: Snap Sound Track: Kishi Bashi “Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!”

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