In a lot of parts of India, having a girl is considered a curse. A proper education isn't an afterthought-- it's not even considered. NGO's like Salaam Bombay Foundation have had their work cut out for them. First in terms of getting girls a proper education, and now with the growing number of girls who do want an education, finding the funds to pay for it. FCB Ulka came up with a way to raise funds with corporations by putting a face to the problem.
They partnered with an HR firm and developed resumes to secure interviews at corporations with the young girls. When the girls sat down and handed their resumes to the HR person, a simple line was at the bottom: For me, this resume will never be a reality. But you can change that.
Salaam Bombay Foundation ended up raising enough funds for 200 girls to go to school. That's 200 girls there who just might change India for the better. In fact, I would argue they already are.

Client: Salaam Bombay Foundation Agency: FCB Ulka Chief Creative Officer - Satbir Singh Executive Creative Director - Haresh Moorjani Creative Director - Devendra Mankame Creative Director - Donovan D’souza Sr. Copywriter - Akanksha Toshniwal Associate Creative Director - Rajdatta Ranade Film Executive - Sukirth Rao Director - Suraj Wanvari SVP, HR - Savita Mathai