As France revs up to slow down in the summer break, Sécurité routière - French road safety - continues their campaign to highlight the absurd risks of driving too fast. In February "Shockwave" showed the real shockwave of a collision, all those lives shattered, ended and affected by a single crash. For only a small gain in time, such as 7 minutes for a journey between Paris and Lille if you're 10kms/h faster, the consequences of a crash are hugely disproportionate. This campaign, called "The Sunshine Highway", continues the visual.

The campaign, currently airing on TV, with billboards and other OOH already up shows the graphic chain reaction of a crash, reminding everyone that we are #allaffected by a crash. The dramatic effect of flying bodies is not simple gore, it's to remind you of all the people who are not in the crash who are affected by the crash. The billboards shows bodies flying through the air, trailing a speeding car.

However due to the horrible truck attack in Nice, with so many children hurt or dead after a truck literally targeted people enjoying fireworks on the boardwalk, this campaign may have to be rescheduled or pulled completely from the air.

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