Siminn - Siminn Netvari - (2009) :30 (Iceland)

Iceland-based agency Ennemm, together with the Crossroads' directors Samuel and Gunnar, showcase the harsh depiction of unrestricted children in an adult world.....

To illustrate the effectiveness of Siminn's free website filtering service, Siminn Netvari portrays impressionable young children in various scenes: a chaotic bar, a strip club, gambling and even entering a dangerous stranger's house. With scenes set to an eerily somber Icelandic song and bearing a likeness to government smoking and drug PSAs, this unreservedly truthful ad helps to command attention in order to minimize the dangers of children surfing the web unrestricted.

Client: Siminn (Iceland Telecom)
Spot Title: Siminn Netvari
Air Date: February 2009

Agency: Ennemm, Iceland
CD: Hjorvar Hardarsson
Art Director: Hjorvar Hardarsson
Copywriter: Jon Gnarr
Producer: Sveinn Lindal

Prod Company: Sagafilm, Iceland
Director: Samuel and Gunnar (of Crossroads)
EP: Hugi Halldorsson

Editorial: Sagafilm
Editor: Samuel and Gunnar
Producer: Orn Sveinsson

Telecine: The Mill, London
Colorist: Seamus O'Kane

Post/Effects: Sagafilm

Music: Bubbi Morthens
Composer: Arnar

Sound Design: Sagafilm
Sound Designer: Nick-Cathrad Jones

Shoot Location: Reykjavik, Iceland