In a country where one and four children have eyesight problems and don't even know it, Sky HDTV is bringing them the world in HD. This project was launched at Carlos Gomes Municipal School in São Bernardo do Campo, in the greater São Paulo area, and involved 79 students. Nearly half of these students were diagnosed with some kind of vision problem, five of which were serious. By 2018, this program aims to bring thousands of children the glasses they need to see the world in HD. Great idea.

Client: SKY Agency: FCB Brasil Creative Executive Directors: Joanna Monteiro and Max Geraldo Creative Directors: Adriano Alarcon and Carlos Schelder Digital Creative Director: Pedro Gravena Creative: Luiz Kanadani, Rodrigo Leal Rodrigues and Giampietro Zanon Client Services: Mauro Silveira, Marco Aymoré, Lucas Rodrigues, Renata Velloso, Renata Batalha and Camila Rossignolo Planning: Raphael Barreto, Luciana Mussato, Cesar Fuster and Cleo Hosokawa Media: Alexandre Ugadin and Vinicius Loschiavo Projects: Lia D’Amico RTV: Charles Nobili and Pedro Lazzuri Image Producer: Volcano Hotmind Direction: Volcano Photographer: Betinho Gomes Production: Emerson Marcon Junior Editors: Luiz Eduardo Doria, Rodrigo Resende and Guilherme Peres Client Services: Paulo Blassioli Audio Producer: Cabaret Client Approval: Agrício Neto, Marcelo Miranda and Claudia Benvenuti