Sorry, ad agency, desperately trying to connect with hipster crowd. "Meat Sticks," is a disgusting phrase. Your repetitive use of the word does not help, nor does a gratuitous appearance of a goat. And then using the phrase "goat sticks," on top of it, no less. Following up "meat sticks," with "goat sticks," makes me think the "meat sticks" or made of "goat shit." Thanks a lot.

Client: Slim Jim (ConAgra Foods) SVP – Content Creation, ConAgra Foods: Dave Linne Director – Content Creation, ConAgra Foods: Patrick Brennan Agency: DDB California GCD: Travis Parr Art Director: Madeline DeWree Copywriter: Tyler Booker Senior Producer: Rob Lee Production Company: MJZ/Soft Citizen Director: The Pelorian Brothers Producer: Merrie Wasson Editorial: Cutters Editor: Matt Walsh VFX/Online: Flavor Planning Director: Mark Rovai Senior Strategist: Jaime Harrelson SVP Group Account Director: Kristin Barbour Account Director: Nancy Bernacchi Account Supervisor: Jordan Wood Account Coordinator: Rose Valderrama

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