Southwest beats its chest really hard in this spot touting how many billions of dollars they've saved you by not charging you for checked luggage n' stuff. Set to All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled (featuring T-Pain) which is where I bet the idea for this spot came from.

Agency: GSD&M Chief Creative Officer: Jay Russell Group Creative Directors: Brent Ladd, Lara Bridger Art Director: Will Chau, Mike Ferrer Writer: Mark Snow Director of Production: Jack Epsteen Executive Producer: Marianne Newton Producer: Amy Hurt Account Service: Amy Lyon, Patty Liendo Business Affairs Manager: Desiree Townsend PRODUCTION COMPANY FOR VIDEO AND WEB: Prod Company: Prettybird Director: Rami Hachache Editor: Katie Hetland (More Media), Rachael Waxler (Union) Director of Photography: Wyatt Troll Stylist: Heather Allison MUSIC: “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled (featuring T-Pain)

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