Trolli "Best Friend Ever" (2013) :30 (USA)


Trolli "Best Friend Ever" (2013) :30 (USA)

In this spot we see a kid who made a dog out of Trollis. And is happy as a lark until another kid comes along and eats the head off of it.

I guess candies have all decided to play in the same playground that Skittles perfected, except this has a Napoleon Dynamite.

You know what though? These spots do not live up to the weirdly awesome, as most of the situations are neither weird nor awesome. They're silly. But that's not the same.

You are walking down the street, dancing to music in your mp3 player. Your shadow starts dancing way better than you. Because your shadow has lifted a bag of Trolli's from your pocket and is using them in the dance routine like a glow stick. People gather around and are throwing coins and dollars into a hat for our shadow. That's weirdly awesome.

Weirdly awesome: when your doppelganger is way more on famous on social media decides to throw you a bone and retweet your “OH In New York: Trollis, man,” to increase your Klout Score.

When you swallow an orange seed by accident only to wake up and find you have a tree growing out of your navel—a tree that provides you delicious orange juice to wash down your bedside bowl of Trollis-- that is Weirdly Awesome.

This is just ironic.


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