The new Volvo VNL brings cutting-edge drive-train technology, unparalleled safety systems and class-leading driver comfort to a long haul truck that delivers up to 7.5% increased fuel efficiency. But who cares about that? 3-year-old Joel Jovine, a truck enthusiast, not only unboxed the full-size truck, like it was something from Mattel, but he also made the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the largest item ever unboxed.
By the way, under the world records rules, to set the record, the box had to completely encapsulate the Volvo VNL and then needed to be opened manually, using no tools. It also had to be removed from the box without destroying the box during the process. Pretty impressive considering this is a three year old we're talking about.
Pretty cool for what is essentially a stationery truck on display for most of the spot. The best parts are when Joel discovers what's inside the cabin including a sippy cup and something on the tV Just for him, plus that big comfy bed. Great way to show enthusiasm over a commercial truck. When the real truck driver shows up to give him a ride, I was hoping they would ditch the suburbs for a lifetime on the road, evading southern cops and helpin' ladies, maybe even picking up a friendly dog on the way. But alas, they had to put young Joel to bed or he'd get cranky.

Client: Volvo North America