William Rast - William Rast part 1 - (2008) 1:40 (USA)


William Rast - William Rast part 1 - (2008) 1:40 (USA)

Establish that Justin Timberlake is a bad boy = give him a cigarette. ;) Written by Justin Timberlake, Jonas Åkerlund and Thomas Hayo.

Editors: Jonas Åkerlund, Danny Tull
DoP: Eric Broms, Eric Sohlstrom
Copywriters: Justin Timberlake, Jonas Åkerlund, Thomas Hayo
Jules Daly, Tracie Norfleet : Executive Producer
Linda Masse : Producer
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Production Company: RSA Films, LA
Post: Chimney Pot
Original score: Justin Timberlake, Mike Elizondo


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