Guinness declares it's introducing Guinness White

Good Things Come to Those Who WHITE
A pint of the black stuff becomes a pint of the white stuff with the launch of a creamier new version: "Guinness White".
Guinness is made from the same raw ingredients as regular Guinness Draught - hops, barley, water and yeast, but the barley is frozen instead of roasted, which provides the white colour.

I have to admit, this April Fools made me shriek in horror/delight (not even sure actually, I know I'd try it!) so they had me for a nano-second there, scaring the Guinness-purist in me and delighting my try-anything-new side.
Very cute. Announced at facebook, which I'm so not going to link to because, pshaw, pfft, facebook, how lame.
The joke however, fun-niiii.

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Interesting. This harkens back to the ad they did in the infamous Guardian's San Serriffe travel insert in 1977. There's a pic of the 1977 white Guinness included in that article. Back then, they attributed the white color to people planting the barley upside down, instead of freezing it.

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Oh I'm in lurve: "Bodoni, capital of San Serriffe". :))

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Funny.... Shock the guiness purists... especially in print!

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Almost had the big one when I saw the title. Lunch time here. I am fussing with opener and pouring; it is the one left out on table last night.

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hehehe baaaad habit. bad bad bad!