High-Tech QR code to get AR ashes on Ash Wednesday

Tommy Noonan at Amalgamated made the QR code that looks like Jesus in this high-tech Augmented Reality celebration of Lent. Those who couldn't make it to the nearest priest with sooty fingers yesterday could just stick the QR code on their forehead, point their webcamera at themselves, and pick the ash patterns they liked.
"When you can't make it to church on Ash Wednesday, they you can get them virtually."

High-tech religion. So very cyberpunk. Oh god, I just said cyberpunk. I'm old.

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  • OptiscanApp's picture

    You'll be disappointed if you do try to scan it - it doesn't.

    Mar 15, 2011
  • fairuse's picture

    It is a shame cyberpunk got absorbed into the society at large. Ya know we are all jacked-in and don't know it.

    High-tech religion. So very cyberpunk. Oh god, I just said cyberpunk. I'm old

    The Game Uplink was used as a positive example in an answer to the question, Is Cyberpunk Dead (2004).

    From:: Uplink Fan Fiction:: 'Story' written by Jabberwocky ... Corey looked at the commo traffic flashing across his screen. He noticed radio traffic in this room, enough to determine that each of the men was wired. All wired into the main communication in the basement. Corey looked a little surprised… until he realized that all their gear had automatically started relaying through the server in the basement. Auto-configuring pieces of crap, Corey thought. It worked to his advantage though. Which he liked.

    Mar 18, 2011