Killa Appz - Dave Berzack raps his CV on youtube fishing for work.


Forget sending out a tired old paper CV, these days you have to do better than that, a fact that web developer takes to heart as he raps his resumé in this youtube video.

"All I wanna do is write a plan and architect,
Implement the project and make you money!"

From the video you'll learn that he can look all hip-hop, he ad libs jumping out of dumpsters, he has the ability to get together with a few helpful friends to pull something like this off, (Director Scott McKibben and Mike Wilson at Patchwerk Studios for the music), and the lady in the beige suit is his girlfriend, Marissa. To learn more, you'll have to check out the examples on his site. When can we do away with portfolio-sites? :)

Hat tip @PlanBstudio

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  • HowieSPM's picture

    I absolutely love this. But could only give 3 stars. One star is deducted for using Auto-Tune. In fact normally this is reason to give negative stars but since this is unique I felt to judge properly I could only take away one star. Another star was deducted for picking a crappy song to use as his. If he wanted to go gangsta he could of picked Fuck the Police or something by Dre, Cube or Wu Tang Clan from the 90's.

    My suggestion is that he redos this with a better song and no auto tune if he wants 5 stars.

    Dec 01, 2010
  • Dabitch's picture

    I like the song.. I mean I like the original song. And to be honest, this doesn't sound as bad as many previous attempts of agency people singing, my god have you heard the Xmas carols we've shown over the years? ;)

    Dec 05, 2010

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