Man calls 911 due to AFLAC Billboard




Man calls 911 due to AFLAC Billboard

AFLAC designed their billboard to be eyecatching, it was - and then some. The billboard actually shows a mannequin falling off a ladder next to the words "Pays You Cash If You Get Hurt And Miss Work."

A man in Indianapolis called 911 after spotting the mannequin from afar, mistaking it for an actual falling man. The firebrigade turned on their sirens and headed out to the site. They soon realized what the caller had actually seen.

"AFLAC is very concerned that people are calling 911, and we understand that's a safety issue for other people," AFLAC spokeswoman Laura Kane said. "Obviously it was never our intent to create that kind of attention."

Thanks to Marla for ranting on adlist.



wowza. Great concept and good use of outdoor. Do have to say it's nice that there are people who would call 911 if it was real, but, at the same time...

Didn't the caller see that this "person" was on a never-ending falling pose? Strange person. "Hey, he is falling I call... eh... he don't take ground... am I on the moon? I shouldn't have taken that shit this morning..."

Urban legend?

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