PA Liquor Control Board anti drinking ad pulled after feminists say it's blaming rape on the victims

This ad, above, is the self-banned ad of the week from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board campaign - see the rest on facebook - that shows the dark side of what happens when you drink too much. You might end up in fights, hanging out with the "porcelain prince" all evening, have condoms break on you, cheat on your boyfriend or... get raped. From the image showing a women lying on what may be a bathroom floor the viewer will probably conclude that when you're unconscious and can't actually say no, rape is your fault. The copy on the campaign website even went so far to blame the victims friends. Now it's everyones fault. Except the rapists, of course.

"Calling the shots starts with you. What if you didn’t watch out for your friends during a night of drinking?"

Feministing didn't like this one bit and encouraged readers to call & write to the PA Liquor Control Board about this particular ad, which now has resulted in the board pulling the ad.

Still, don't drink too much. The headache alone isn't worth it.

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  • Harry09876543's picture
    Harry09876543 (not verified)

    It is not blaming rape on the victim it is blaming it on their friends for leaving them with people they don't know

    Jul 23, 2012
  • Dabitch's picture

    That swooshing sound you heard was the point narrowly missing your head.

    Jul 23, 2012

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