Sarah Palin's facebook sock-puppet account is a fan of Sarah Palin....


It's sock-puppet week in Adland! @Skypulsemedia pointed this one out : Is Sarah Palin commenting on her own facebook page....?
She apparently can't afford HBGary's software that manages online social media accounts, discussed in attack of the 50-foot sock puppets, and instead chose to use her gmail account when creating a persona named Lou Sarah. The Gmail address is available for anyone to see in this leaked manuscript about Sarah Palin. Not that bright. Her facebook name is based on her real name as well, what was she thinking?

"Lou Sarah" is also friends with some of Sarah Palin’s political appointees. Still, "Lou" has only 12 total friends on Facebook.
"Lou" is a fan of Sarah Palin, Bristol Palin, Mark Ballas (Bristol Palin’s gorilla-costumed dancing partner on Dancing With the Stars), and the Wasilla-based Edge Fitness.
From what we can see, "Lou" wrote a total of four happy things on Bristol Palin’s fan page in recent months:

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