Smell like The King - Burger King Flame Fragrance


Smell like The King - Burger King Flame Fragrance


Now you don't have to work at Burger King to smell flame broiled. The King was kind enough to bottle the scent and sell it online. It's $3.99, about the price of a Whopper Value Meal.

The scent of seduction with a hint of flame-broiled meat.
Burger King, in its official description of Flame, the fast food restaurant's body spray for men.

See Firemeetdesire


eeeew. When I was 16, my then boyfriend worked as a fry-guy at McD's. Trust me, that smell not a turn-on.

It's an idea with legs - I can imagine butchers, fishmongers and kebab shops getting in on the act.

It's meant for you, not your fry-guy boyfriend.

Us dudes prefer the taste of Whoppers to Fish Fillets.

Who on earth wants to smell like that?? Imagine wearing the perfume during an Africa safari trip!!! simply evil !!

Well, it's one way to get a guy to eat you.

Erm, is that taking it too far? :)

It's not even Friday!

Well... It is a week before Christmas Eve, and it's sort of like Friday that day, so it's sort of is..... :-)

Can't wait to see what Red Lobster comes up with.

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