Watch out: Google search exposes your twitter DM's to the world

@Mpawlo , MD of Mr Green, has discovered something rather disturbing about twitters DM's. We all knew that various apps we allow in our twitter-account can see these things (if they want to), but I don't think anyone was expecting Google to show DM's in google web search results!

Alert! I can see DM in Google's results. If the last tweet is a DM and tweets are listed in @Goog results (varies), you see it.

tweeted mpawlo he then demonstrates by showing an example.

"Check for example @gustrafr " he says - compared to this google search (that's a DM from @GustafR to me - not violating privacy!)"

I've screendumped the search result above, it shows a DM from Gustav to Mikael, and that's enough of a reason for me not to use DM's for any top secret conversations again.
Not that I did, I only used to to tweet the words "superinjunction" and "wikileaks secrets" to all my mates just to annoy them.

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    John Backman (not verified)

    Jun 01, 2011

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