Watch out: Google search exposes your twitter DM's to the world


Watch out: Google search exposes your twitter DM's to the world


@Mpawlo , MD of Mr Green, has discovered something rather disturbing about twitters DM's. We all knew that various apps we allow in our twitter-account can see these things (if they want to), but I don't think anyone was expecting Google to show DM's in google web search results!

Alert! I can see DM in Google's results. If the last tweet is a DM and tweets are listed in @Goog results (varies), you see it.

tweeted mpawlo he then demonstrates by showing an example.

"Check for example @gustrafr " he says - compared to this google search (that's a DM from @GustafR to me - not violating privacy!)"

I've screendumped the search result above, it shows a DM from Gustav to Mikael, and that's enough of a reason for me not to use DM's for any top secret conversations again.
Not that I did, I only used to to tweet the words "superinjunction" and "wikileaks secrets" to all my mates just to annoy them.


Um, to state the obvious, this is REALLY bad.

The again, twitter has been acting really strange for me lately, much like in the fail-whale days of it all, and I wonder if it was a glitch, like the many many glitches I see every day.

Clicking on @ goog generates this -- Hold up!
Sorry, the profile you are trying to view has been suspended.


I'm sure @mpawlo just wanted to refer to google - anything with an @ -sign preceeding it, bot here and on twitter, becomes a link to twitter.

So does anything with a # - sign. Example: #marilymonroe - this is automatic.

Well, I have been a bit distracted lately. I just read the reference as a twitter link. I use the format @ to avoid auto generate address.

Oh, well ...

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