TBWA commissioned Erik Almås to create a memorable images Absolut. Though Sid Lee has recently won global duties on Absolut, and will produce the next global campaign this summer, this TBWA campaign is more in keeping with the work Absolut had produced over the past thirty plus years: I.E., the bottle front and center, and a two word headline beginning with "Absolut."

As for the images, everything you see was captured in camera, to scale of an actual size Absolut bottle.

This is one of the few times I wished I could see a making-of video as I think it would have captured the oompf more.

Credits: Global Creative Director: Sue Anderson Creative Director: Hoj Jomehri (on set) Associate Creative Director: Kevin Kaminishi (on set) Senior Copywriter: Madeleine Di Gangi Senior Art Producer: Julia Menassa (on set) Account Director: Hugo Murray Account Supervisor: Jessica Beck Photographer: Erik Almås Producer: Stuart Hart – TNC Productions Props/Sets: New Deal Studios

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