Greenpeace - Tsunami - poster, Romania


Greenpeace - Tsunami - poster, Romania

This Japanese-esque (it does look a little Japanese doesn't it? It's not just me who thinks that, right?) ad was created for Greenpeace by Scala JWT Bucharest. It points out that for every action there's a reaction, and what you do to nature - nature brings back to you.

So, if you just turned off the light more often, you won't be engulfed in a Tsunami?

Andrei Orcula - Photographer
Angela Teodorescu - Creative Catalyst
Alexandra Cantor - Creative Catalyst
Mihai Cojocaru - Executive Creative Director
virgiliu andone - Art Director
Andreea Dragomir - Copywriter

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Loses a little on the translation ("The more nature spares on you" Um, WTF!?), but very arresting image! Not sure that light bulbs are quite the planet-saver people seem to think they are, but that's not what this creative is trying to do so I'll shut up!

Are there any more in the series or is it only this one? Would like to see more executions.

Only one so far - I think it's a one-off.
(though sometimes, people send execution two and three days or weeks later. Please for the love of god stop that folks.)

Ah, well there we go, second one in another email with another subject. Perhaps I should go through the inbox first, THEN post.

Still lightbulbs though. Just another pretty picture. Three pretty pictures does not a campaign make.

A-bloody-men man, me and Caff keep complaining that the three-different-images-thing on the same exact idea (not thought/proposition) is so often used as a campaign.

So... if you don't use energy-efficient light bulbs, Mother Nature's going to send tsunamis and lightning bolts crashing down on your head? It just doesn't follow.

Nature as a vengeful killer bitch-goddess isn't really the sort of image Greenpeace wants to cultivate, either, is it? These ads are more likely to make you think we need to subjugate nature even more, just to make sure she doesn't dare do this sort of thing.

Nature is the new God, it seems. Didn't we do all this, like, thousands of years ago? I think Thor might have something to say about this.

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