Louis Vuitton - Keith Richards (2008) Print (USA)


Louis Vuitton - Keith Richards (2008) Print (USA)

Louis Vuitton follows up the much talked about Gorbachev print ad from 2007 with yet another celebrity and their luggage. This time it's the well-aged and well-preserved Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. At least no one can do any talking about retouching the celebrity in this ad. ;)

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Louis Vuitton

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Now there's a journey.

It is retouched! See that line down his cheek, second from the left? He hasn't got that one. And they've made him look a bit heavy on the botox, too. I think...

This is a snarky thing to write but....
"Blues in C" but his left hand (in larger versions) is playing in either A or E. I guess Louis Vuitton isn't really known for details. And Keith could give a shit.

Ha! The devil is in the details. :)

Hmm. Well it looks like he might be playing an A chord, but I suspect he isn't playing anything. Look at how his pinkie is sitting right on top of the fret. In fact his fingering is terrible generally (no sniggering at the back!)

*tries to choke giggles*

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