M&C Saatchi Wellington Condoms.co.nz press ad


M&C Saatchi Wellington Condoms.co.nz press ad

He he he. I can't help it but this gave me a serious case of the giggles. Balls deep, mate.

Ad agency M&C Saatchi Wellington, New Zealand

Photographer: Ross Brown
Executive Creative Director: Oliver Maisey
Creative Director: Jeremy Southern
Art Director: Mark Anstis
Copywriter: Jeremy Southern
Copywriter: Marianne Harvey
Retoucher: Chris Clifton
Designer: Chris Redditt

Ad type: 


What before you've even opened it? Ewww! That takes product testing to a ridiculous extreme. Funny, though.

Why does an unwrapped condom already contain you-know-what?
This ad makes no sense whatsoever. FAIL.

speaking of balls and failing....
lolcat - fail

Maybe they plan on selling these at used clothing stores?

Um, it's not actually an ad for a brand of condoms - isn't that obvious? I thought it was pretty funny.

What's it for, then? The website looks quite condommy.

They're promoting their channel aren't they? Not a specific brand. It seems to make perfect sense to me.

Oh, okay. I think I get it.

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