McDonald's is official partner of the UEFA Euro 2016 and it wanted to extended a welcome hand to the European fans who will descend on France this summer. Under their tagline Come As You Are, BETC Paris and McDonald’s celebrates all fans, regardless of the teams they support. Photographed by Kim Reenberg, the visuals demonstrate the power of good sportsmanship, tolerance and diversity by showing fans holding up scarves that support two countries, with the country names merging to become a new country.

BRAND McDonald’s BRAND MANAGEMENT Xavier Royaux Nathalie Legarlantezec Sophie Giry AGENCY BETC AGENCY MANAGEMENT Henri Tripard Julien Grimaldi Juliette Aguglion EXECUTIVE CREATIVE DIRECTOR Rémi Babinet ________________________________________________________________ CREATIVE DIRECTOR Olivier Apers ART DIRECTOR Cyril Arandel COPYWRITER Adrian Skenderovic TRAFFIC Stéphanie Renoir-Mousli PHOTOGRAPHER Kim Reenberg ART BUYER Victoria Vingtdeux PRODUCER Chantal Bertina Arno Poulain PRODUCTION COMPANY Rita