Check this out - people never go to the bank these days, why should they? It closes before they've left the office, and banks worth their salt have great online 'offices' where one can do banking like paying bills and moving funds from checkings to savings, all from the comfort of ones computer.

But you might miss the banks ugly plants, odd velvet-tope things, mahogony desks. No worries - FirstBank brings these relics to your daily commute thanks to a little creative wrangling from TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder. Cute.

Boulder, Colo.—The heroes of FirstBank, Colorado’s latest mobile banking ad campaign are lobby furniture. Dimensional, 14 by 48-foot billboards hold aloft such classic bank lobby trappings as a wood-paneled desk and chair, a velvet rope and stanchions, a potted ficus tree, and a framed reproduction of scenic mountainscape, all giant-sized. The campaign, breaking concurrently with an overhaul of FirstBank’s online browser interface, invites viewers to “Enjoy the bank lobby, even if you bank online.” It is created by TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder.
Ranging from nearly flat (the mountainscape) to the 4-foot deep desk and chair, the overlarge accoutrements, constructed from steel, wood, PVC, chrome tape, and vinyl, plus (for the ficus) plastic and silk, will be seen throughout the summer above highways and urban streets in Denver and Colorado Springs.
Creative credits for the campaign go to TDA creative directors Jonathan Schoenberg and Thomas Dooley, associate creative director/copywriter Jeremy Seibold, and art director David Byrd. The lobby elements’ construction is by Atomic Props, St. Paul, Minn., and the billboards are through WMI Out-Of-Home, Dallas.
Client: FirstBank, Lakewood, Colo. Colorado’s largest locally owned bank Agency: TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder Brief: Mobile banking. Campaign coincides with overhaul of FirstBank browser interface. Headline: “Enjoy the bank lobby, even if you bank online.” Executions: Dimensional billboards. Classic lobby accoutrements include desk and chair, velvet rope and stanchions, ficus, mountainscape. 14’ x 48’ x 6” (mountainscape) to 4’ (desk and chair) deep. Media: Outdoor, urban and highway locations, Denver and Colorado Springs CDs: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley ACD/CW: Jeremy Seibold AD: David Byrd Outdoor: WMI Out-Of-Home, Dallas Construction: Atomic Props, St. Paul, Minn. Materials include steel, wood, PVC, chrome tape, and vinyl, plus plastic and silk (ficus)

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