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'Brand Taylors by Partners' is a self-promotion print campaign created specifically for the Lisbon fashion week issue of Zoot Magazine – the international fashion and music magazine from Portugal sold worldwide. The agency's goal was to contextualize the ad with this special fashion issue and also to position the agency as a brand creator and visibility generator

I think you mean "brand tailor", guys. Jesus, does your agency look this hot? Sadly, the photographer credit is "Getty Images", so I don't think that anyone who works at Partners is in this shot.

Getty Images : Photographer Lourenço Thomaz e Susana Sequeira : Creative Director Ivo Purvis : Art Director Pedro Lima : Copywriter

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    Artists (not verified)

    Great looking photo. Found it by typing in "partners" in the image search... needless to say, this photo stands out amongst the rest.

    Apr 25, 2011

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