SHS Teen Clothes - Safari / Goodbye Innocence - print, France

Can I buy that Hello Kitty skull in this store? Because, dude, I totally need a Hello Kitty skull.
Cheeky retro safari shots created by CBGrey Paris, photographed by Riccardo Bagnoli.

Illustrator: Claudio Luparelli @ Artout Executive Creative Director : Andrea Stillacci Creative Director: Luissandro Del Gobbo - Giovanni Settesoldi Art Director: Giovanni Settesoldi Copywriter: Luissandro Del Gobbo Marketing Director: Claudia Cenni
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So fabulous!

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If this doesn't get continually voted as five stars it'll be a travesty - and I'm a copywriter!

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hear hear. I'm already betting that we'll see this on the end-of-the-year toplist.

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Ooh - very good stuff.

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Gold winner.

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Mulder would not be happy with some of the guy's kills... :-)