101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising

If you read the Ad Contrarian, then you know what this book is like. He runs against the grain, he rants on making his points, he'll have you laughing at the hype and he hates pretty much everything that is hyped. Fans love this, love him, and even those who don't agree with him check the blog because it's darn-tooting refreshing looking at the latest glass of Kool-aid from the angle of someone who didn't drink it.

That's the book. He doesn't have anything nice to say about anything, and for a brief moment you might even think this book is made as master-bait for the agency to be able to sell him as "guru who published a book". The book is the best bits from blog , printed. The AD Contrarian has seemingly never worked in a place where planners or researchers knew what the hell they were doing, and he is extremely allergic to anyone who shills social media as effective and TV as dead. Social media is ineffective. TV ads still work (online too, who'd a thunk it?) and if you enjoy the blog you will enjoy the book. Bob Hoffman is funny, grumpy, cantankerousness, and offers the ever so rare these days: POINT OF VIEW. After all, advertising has a job to do, and far too often these days people are blinded by the new shiny things and forget this. Bob has not forgotten the basics, and he won't let you forget them either. p.s. Bob swears in the book, just like every fucking creative director out there. Don't be scared.

You can buy this and other adbooks at Barnes&Noble. 

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