PUMA x Noah: Winning Streak (2023) :60 (USA)

This past weekend, Chandelier Creative launched an irreverent new spot for Noah x PUMA.

OUIGO - Going Green without even trying - all films (2022) :60 (France)

Open on a couple showering together....

Avocados From Mexico - Adam & Eve featuring Anna Faris (2023) :30 (USA)

Anna Faris goes nude as Eve in this super bowl spot for Avocados From Mexico.

Stella Artois Unfiltered - ‘beer au naturel’ outdoor mural (2023) OOH (UK)

Last year, Stella Artois did a print campaign showing "Beer, au naturel." The concept was set in a French town where everyone was as natural

Canesten - ‘The Truth, Undressed’ Vagina Academy educational platform

Analogfolk has created a new campaign for Bayer's Canesten brand of thrush medication.

Stella Artois unveils new ad campaign for beer unfiltered, by showing it "Beer, au naturel."

Stella Artois launches new campaign to showcase its new Unfiltered beer in all of its glory, celebrating a more authentic and ‘naked’ way of life.

Stockholm Film Festival poster banned for using Pedro Almodóvar's lactating nipple image

Pedro Almodóvar's most recent movie, Parallel moms, has quite the eye-catching (heh) poster.

Gillette Venus - Canvas of Light (2021) case study (Sweden)

Only 1 in 5 women feel that their skin type is represented in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle media.
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Malin Nilsdotter - Princess Tuvstarr (2020)

Malin Nilsdotter creates jewelry with a clear nod to fantasy and fairytales, so it makes sense that her new commercial for her brand would be a modern

"Bath Store - "Wash away" (2020) :30 (UK)

‘Washaway’ a film directed by Cannes Grand Prix winner Jaron Albertin, shows a woman studying her reflection in the bathroom mirror, finding her skin

Nubian Skin wins TFL's diversity in advertising competition, Mayor Sadiq Khan gets backlash on Twitter

The Nubian Skin billboard above was this year's winner of the TFL's competition to improve ethnic diversity in advertising.

Katarina Stegnar's performance art poster #hatebetter shocks

Katarina is a performance artist in Slovenia, but her outdoor poster in Ljubljana advertising her upcomping piece #hatebetter, may have turned into an

Libresse - Blood Normal - (2017) 2:22 (UK)

Skyn condoms - "Places of Intimacy" - (2017) :45 (France)

In this rather steamy ad from Sid Lee, Paris, we learn to ‘’Stop looking for love.
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CANAL "Versailles" (2017) 1:24 (France)

Versailles is a French TV show that is centered around The Sun King, Louis the fourteenth.
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Catholic groups bus ad stating biological reality is investigated for "possible hate crime"

The bus belongs to Catholic group, Hazte Oir, which translates as "Make yourself heard." Ignacio Arsuaga, the president of Hazte Oir, argues

"Check it before it's removed" Breast cancer awareness campaign on Facebook plays with rules

DDB Berlin has created a breast cancer awareness campaign meant to be shared, and censored, on social media.

My Talking Tom children's game has sex ads appear in it

Twice now, the creators of 'My Talking Tom' smartphone app have drawn complaints for serving ads with inappropriate images of semi nude and

EuroGames Stockholm pays homage to the 1912 Stockholm Olympics

Olympic advertising is as old as old can be. Stockholm was running Pro-Sweden ads for the Olympics as far back as 1912.

Rome bans "sexist advertising" to appear within city limits.

On Monday Rome Mayor Ignazio Marino announced a new regulatory plan on advertising in the city of Rome, which will take effect in the coming days.

Bomb Threats and Protests - The Protein World Story Continues


Carl's Jr / Hardees Au Naturel / the all natural burger - (2015)

The 2015 Super Bowl XLIX begins with a predictable cliché from Carl's Jr, who like to combine eating greasy burgers with scantily clad women.

Tits on the internet - When Fappening becomes UNfappening

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Vengaboys - 2 Brazil! - (2014) 3:00 (The Netherlands)

Venga Boys have resurfaced only to make what they call "the Surprise World Cup Anthem 2014!" It's as annoying of an earworm as they usu

Good Morning Bacon - Make It Primo - (2014) :30 (Australia)

Ogilvy Sydney has a nude man frolicking in bacon. Mmm.... bacon.

"Nymphomaniac" movie posters, orgasm portraits (Badland)

If you're feeling a bit badlandery looking at all these "orgasm portraits" for Lars von Triers latest movie called Nymphomaniac, it

Louis Vuitton - Ladies Of the night / Prostitute (2013) (France)

A Louis Vuitton short film for AW13. Features supermodels Cara Delevingne and Georgia May Jagger. Produced by the U.K.'s Love Magazine and dire

Fuzz Wax Bar "Street Waxing" (2013) :1:10 (Canada)

Some time this summer, the Fuzz Wax Bar (a popular destination in Canada, because Canadians are apparently still on the metrosexual trend) decided to

Kate Moss bares all in St. Tropez global ad campaign


Playboy poster with augmented reality layer allows smart phones to see more of the models

Playboy are trying their hand on being cutting edge advertisers, with this street poster that has augmented reality.
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Adland booted from Google Adsense due to PETA's misogynist ads

Well a merry christmas to us! Adland has had "ad serving disabled" without warning by our dear pals the Google Adsense folks.

HIV Foundation/AIDS Council Finland - Places (for women) (2012) :30 (Finland)

While the first PSA posters for this "places" campaign, which showed only a womans crotch and the check-in status caused some backlash in th

Playboy - Playboy tweetgrid - (Argentina) - (2012)

Popular model and TV-show host (oh, "secretary" is it?) poses naked for Playboy Argentina, while they are wondering how to get more people t

Banned ad of the week: American Apparel sell pants by showing tits and sweater by showing ass

The ASA calls the above campaign amateurish and we noted that the majority of clothing items featured in the ads were outer garments, and considered t

Cult Shaker competition where you could win a breast enlargement has been deflated

Cult shaker, the brand that likes to use nudes in ads to grab eyeballs, and then doubled them for extra attention has now found a new way to get into

PETA strips George Clooney's ex-girlfriend naked.


Zappos now sells clothes, uses nude models to prove it.

The NYT reports: From Zappos, an Unadorned Approach, and shows off Zappos latest move, naked models.
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The Girl with the dragon Tattoo strategically hidden nipple movie poster

Daniel Craig might be fully dressed but Rooney Mara is basically nude, apart from the piercings.

Björn Borg bare butt cheeks prove too much for Facebook who banned their fanpage admin

Facebook has blocked Micke Kazarnowicz, administrator of the international Björn Borg fan page, for "pornographic content".

Rod Hunt Illustrates HIV/AIDS Awareness Advertising Campaign for AIDES

Illustrator Rod Hunt worked with San Francisco based advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners illustrating their new advertising campaign

Dagens media: Ad blog banned by google - is accused of spreading pornography

What a deliciously clickable headline that is. Dagens Media notes that Adland has been banned by Google, for having nudity on the site.

Adland banned from google adsense, thanks to Sloggi.

You know that I've hated the Sloggi ass campaign with a passion, now it seems I have another reason to hate Sloggi.
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Doritos - The Sauna - (2011) :30 (USA)

Kelly Brook nude billboard airbrushed while Kelly speaks out against airbrushing

Rebook has ripped a page out of PETA's marketing handbook and flaunt a nude Kelly Brook on a billboard, well nude apart from the sneakers.

PETA's top five most offensive (and most sexist) ads


Eastpak - Built to Resist / Skaterstreaker - (2010) :55

So, they got a brief and decided to add ye old "hey, lets put a little person in this ad" - but no, it's not at all what you'd thi

National Centre for Domestic Violence - Emasculation -print

With this image, JWT London and The National Centre for Domestic Violence teaches us that one in six men look like Ken dolls. *

Motorola - Bathtub - (2010) :30

Megan Fox is so hot even gay couples slap each other due to her nude picture. Right. So, is that a feature of the phone?

TDC - the Nudists Britta and Claus / Black screen - (2010) 1:10 (Denmark)

Britta muses to herself that she's thankful to have Claus, as she doesn't understand these technical things like Digital TV, unless there�

TDC - Naturisterne / the Nudists Britta and Claus - (2010) 1:10 (Denmark)

Britta and Claus are ordinary people, living their ordinary lives with the villa, the volvo and the TDC telecom provider, just like the rest of you fo
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Magielle - Too Sexy - print, Romania

Valley Lodge - All of My Loving

Absolute temporarily suspended its no-shirt, no-shoes, no-service policy to finish the latest video for Brooklyn-based power pop band Valley Lodge.

Orangina Blood Orange - Bloody - (2009) :50 (France)

Orangina is back, and this time ad agency Fred & Farid Paris are appealing to...

PETA ads showing nude Joanna Krupa clutching a crucifix ticks off Catholic church

bosom has pissed off the Catholic church reports Fox. Imagine that. Peta ads pissing people off. How unexpected.

METHOD People Against Dirty - Shiny Suds - (2009) :70 (USA)

Shiny Suds are a not so subtle nod at the famous Scrubbing Bubbles (which I loved as a kid but never managed to convince my mother to buy

Absolut No Label celebrates diversity (with no labels)

Omg! The bottle is nekked. Absolut No label is the famous silhouette bottle we all know and blame our hangover on, but without the label and no logo.
Boobies 28th Graphic Arts Biennial in Slovenia

Soap lathered breasts promote the 28th Graphic Arts Biennial in Slovenia

Agency Spy via Copyranter have been reading adme and may have succeeded in finding the NSFWiest ad ever. Beacuse it's just boobies.

American Apparel ad banned for looking like jailbait porn

This weeks ban could be filed under "that's what Dov was going for all along" - Sex with Hitler - (2009) :30 (Germany)


Lolly Jane Blue - White Swan - (2009) 6:13 (Belgium)

I'm sure you have noticed that when you eat cotton candy, it tends to disintegrate in a fun way where it gets wet from your saliva.

Sprite - Blow job - (SPEC WORK) - (2009) :30 (USA)

Not a German ad. Not a banned commercial. Instead this is simply spec work directed by Max Isaacson at Greencard Pictures.

MTV - Old Porn Ménage à trois 1, 2 & 3 (NSFW) - print, Brazil

Loducca São Paulo has somehow found these really really ancient porn images, and use them to advertise the idea of using condoms.

GoDaddy - Shower Danica Patrick - (2009) :30 (USA)

GoDaddy keep up their special brand of offensive to everyone but amoebas. Got mouthbreathing men drooling over Danica Patrick in the shower - check.

Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook - (2008) 3:13 (USA)

Full frontal nudity alert as teenagers take to the woods, bang sticks, dance, swing, paint each other, swim and generally plain enjoy nature and being
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Partners Portugal - Brand Tailors - Self promotion, Portugal

Male nipple alert!


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