Grace Jones


Grace Jones - "Corporate Cannibal" - (2008) 6 minutes (USA)

Some of us are slaves to Grace Jones and her knack for reinventing herself each time to something larger than life

Citroën CX - Die kraft der Kreativität / Grace Jones - print, Germany 1986

As RSCG in Paris started the trend, Grace Jones soon become the Citroen spokesperson globally.

Honda Scooters - Grace Jones "Make a radical departure" print 1985

Los Angeles, 1985 and Grace Jones is the most radically different woman alive.

Honda Scooters / Elite 150 Grace Jones Baby II - (1985) :30

Another version of Grace Jones' baby wisdom. Oh Grace.

Honda Scooters Elite 150 - Grace Jones / Baby variant (1985) :30 (USA)

This is another version of Grace Jones "baby" advert for Honda Scooters.

Honda Scooters - Grace Jones & Adam Ant - (1984) :30 (USA)

Grace persuades Adam to try the Honda Scooter - this is the US daytime version where her nibbling of Adam's ear has been edited out.

Honda Scooters Elite 150- Grace Jones / Baby - (1984) :30

When we're born, we're all pretty much the same - yeah all except you Grace. When you were made god broke the mold.

Honda Scooters - Grace Jones & Adam Ant - Ear nibble variant (1984) :30 (USA)

Grace Jones biting Adam ants ear proved too sexy for daytime TV, so the nibble was edited out.

CX GTi Turbo - Grace Jones / 220 kph / "Un look démon" - print ads 1984

Jean-Paul Goude's press concept for the CX GTi Turbo was a simple silhouette portrait of Grace Jones.

Grace Jones Citroen CX - La Beaute Sauvage - (1984) :40 (France)

Grace Jones apparently parks her car in a giant model of her own head. Of course she does. She is Grace Jones after all.

Honda Scooters - "Keep up with the Jones" printad, 1984, USA

You want to keep up with the Jones?

CM Toyota Celica XX Grace Jones printads, Japan, 1983

These ads go with the commercial, Grace Jones

CM Toyota Celica XX - Grace Jones (1983) :30 (Japan)

This is quite possibly the most eighties ad ever. The music. The edit. The shiny neon. The cardboard cutout of Grace Jones.
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